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GMA is a homeschool co-op in Lehi bringing local families together to serve and support one another in the individualized education of our children.

Mission Statement

We are a group of homeschool families striving to create a strong community of learning, where everyone feels loved, accepted, and supported. We are dedicated to the cause of offering quality classes as well as social time and additional learning opportunities for our children. Our families are invested and committed; willing to help when needed, and always eager to participate in our planned activities. By aligning with these goals we guarantee our success and the most positive experience for our children and families.

GMA is a free market, educational, cooperative community.

We welcome families who believe in giving of their time and talents to create a greater whole, from which all our children can benefit. We strive to offer rich educational experiences, from high-quality courses to sensory-rich field trips to service opportunities, while trying to keep costs as low as possible. Our courses are taught by a mix of parents, community experts, and some professional teachers.

It is helpful to think of us in terms of what we are not. We are not a school. No one is in charge of teachers and students in an authoritarian sense. We value choice and accountability, and expect good and respectful conduct, without many rules or regulations. We are a non-profit organization. We are group of hard-working volunteers pulling together to create amazing new options and opportunities for families.

Why Choose GMA


Our co-op strives to provide a safe, fun, and flexible environment for homeschool families to network with others like them and gain access to a wide range of classes and ideas that the individual parent otherwise wouldn’t have provided to their children.

  • Located in Lehi just off I-15

  • Classes Tuesday morning and Enrichment day on Thursday morning

  • Activities, social gatherings, and more

  • Active Youth Program

  • Each family contributes to make the co-op a success

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Interested in making a visit to our co-op? We’d love to learn more about your family and help you see if GMA is a good fit for you.

Contact us

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