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 Participation Requirements 
All participating families will be required to comply with the following:

  1. No children under 12 years of age will be allowed at the building without a parent or guardian present. A child 12 or older is free to be dropped off, as long as they can behave appropriately, and only at times they have classes to attend. If they are unable to follow our behavior guidelines, they will lose the privilege of being there unsupervised.

  2. Our success depends on time volunteered by our families. We ask that in order to participate with us, you commit to spending one hour of in class volunteering a week each semester. This could be as a teacher, co-teacher, teaching assistant, or nursery volunteer. (Only children and babies of parents that are actively teaching or otherwise volunteering are allowed in nursery.) We also expect each family to help in some capacity with an enrichment day activity each semester. 

  3. If all of your children that will be attending are youth age (12+) you commit to spending one hour of in class volunteering a week one semester each year. This could be as a teacher one semester, co-teaching both semesters, etc. We also expect each youth family to help in some capacity with an enrichment day activity each semester. 

  4. Every GMA family is also required to help pay for the cleaning of our building. The church we use hires a cleaning service, and our part of the cost comes to approximately $10 per family per semester.

  5. Each family participating at GMA is charged an annual non-refundable $60 registration fee per family. This is in addition to your tuition fees for classes you enroll in. This fee helps cover the cost of administrative needs (i.e. website, insurance, etc.), as well as rent for our building. Families joining only winter semester will be required to pay a non-refundable $30 registration fee.

  6. Because our priority is making sure we have enough parents teaching to fill our class slots, preference will be given to those willing to do so.  As such, it is expected that you will be willing to teach or co-teach a class every semester unless there are extenuating circumstances that are discussed with the executive committee.

 Behavioral Standards
At GMA we want to nurture a safe culture of mutual respect and provide our students, mentors, and families with a healthy learning environment. In order to do so, we have put certain rules in place, maintaining that parents are ultimately responsible for the instruction and guidance of students, and themselves, regarding their behavior. GMA has set standards of conduct for its students. Prior to enrollment, we ask that parents honestly and objectively assess the needs of each student and their readiness to meet these standards.

  1. Children must stay at all times in appropriate designated areas, and are not free to wander through the rest of the building. We are sharing this space and must respect the boundaries that are in place.

  2. Do not enter any classroom in which you are NOT either attending or helping.

  3. Do not touch any equipment at the building, such as sound equipment or television sets without permission and adult supervision.

  4. Conduct yourself quietly through the halls and common areas during breaks between classes.

  5. Stay in the class in which you are enrolled until the class break, or in the case of urgent needs, notify the teacher of where you are going. Return as soon as possible to class.

  6. All participants must remain in the building when on site.

  7. Children must behave in a manner that shows respect for others, their beliefs, ideas, and property.

  8. Use language and behavior that uplifts, encourages, and supports others. Do not insult others. Avoid offensive words and foul language.

  9. Use appropriate behavior in your physical contact with others. Be respectful of their bodies and their willingness to participate in physical contact. Respect and obey words like “stop” and “no.” Bullying in any form will not be tolerated. Children must dress respectfully for a learning environment. Consider what is appropriate to encourage and uplift our selves and those around us. Please dress in a fashion that would promote dignity and integrity.

  10. No pajamas

  11. No vulgar logos

  12. Dress modestly

  13. Food is discouraged in the building, and only water is allowed to drink.

If a child is unmanageable, they will be returned to the parent, or the parent may remain with them. It is not appropriate to leave screaming babies in nursery or belligerent children in classes.

Because infractions of these rules affects the entire group, if a student chooses to participate in behavior that is not consistent with our code of conduct, they are at risk of being dismissed from GMA.

Serious infractions or recurring problems (bullying, physical violence, repeated vulgar language, destruction of property, etc.) will follow these procedures:

  1. A warning will be given.

  2. The child in question will be required to remain with the parent until the parents and Executive Committee deem they are capable of returning to their classes.

  3. The child may be dismissed for the semester or permanently.

GMA behavioral consequences do not replace or preclude any legal repercussions that may result from actions including but not limited to physical violence or destruction of property.

Teaching at GMA
Before committing to teach, please review the following:

  1. All courses will be approved by the Executive Committee before being added to the schedule. Forms will be available for parents to submit with course information and details.

  2. Teachers are responsible for the content, classroom management, materials, and success of their course.

  3. Almost all of our teachers are volunteers, only charging to cover the expenses of their class. Teachers will determine the cost for their semester course, and a building fee of $12 will be added on to determine the total price of their class. GMA handles registration and collects the building/cleaning fees. Each family is responsible to pay their children's teachers. 

  4. Teachers are expected to provide all necessary course materials, unless it is stated otherwise in the class description that there will be any extra fees or materials to be provided by parents. Classes are 55 minutes in length. Teachers should begin and end on time. The last five minutes are for cleanup when necessary, so you can leave the room in a condition better than you found it. Do not leave a mess for the next class.

  5. Teaching is a semester-length commitment. The quality of your classes should be consistent from beginning to end of semester.

  6. Food is discouraged, but if it is a necessary part of your class, please make every effort to make as little mess as possible and avoid food that is prone to messes. No drinks, other than water are permitted. Also, check with parents of the kids in your class for food allergies or intolerances. And in general, please consider healthy snacks as an alternative to treats.

  7. If you are doing any painting, crafting, or otherwise possibly making a mess, you must put down a tarp, or sheet, or some form of floor cover to protect the carpet.

  8. Teachers cannot cancel class if GMA is in session. Doing so leaves students unsupervised and unaccounted for. If you are unable to attend class, you must find a substitute and provide them with materials. We suggest utilizing TA’s, or parents of students enrolled in the class to volunteer as substitutes. 

  9. You are responsible for contacting parents. In the event of emergency, contact the GMA Executive Committee to assist you.

  10. Teachers have no access to storage and must bring their supplies in and out every day.*If you are teaching a class that you plan on your own children attending, they must be enrolled in the class and a building fee paid for them.

Registration and Financial Policies
  1. Registration is done by submitting class requests to the GMA Executive Committee. 

  2. Parents may not enroll a child in a class outside the child’s age range without the teacher’s permission and the permission of the Executive Committee. Additionally, the child's age cannot exceed +/- 1 year of the class age range.

  3. Parents are responsible for paying teachers.  They are also responsible for paying GMA an enrollment fee equaling $12 per enrollment.  They will receive an invoice from the Executive Committee for the amount they owe.  This can be paid via PayPal, cash, or check.

  4. Registration will close two weeks into the semester. Any families wishing to register after the start of classes, must receive permission from the individual teachers of the classes in which they wish to enroll.

  5. All teachers must be paid before the semester begins. If this is not done, the unpaid students will be dropped from their classes.

  6. There are no refunds once classes have started, as most teachers will have already bought supplies for a specific number of students by then.

  7. The annual registration fee is non-refundable.

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